What I’m Eating…Going Ham

14 Feb

You don’t get skinny by eating all the time, at least that’s what I tell people.  If I could though, I’d schedule the year with constant football between high school, NCAA, & NFL.

  • Great, we have a QB for The U set for 2012.  Assuming there is a QB competition (Stephen Morris and Tate Forcier also will be around), I hope the non-winners (no losers at The U) stick around.
  • Here’s a position where competition is more than welcome.
  • From picking the next superstar, to labeling the next bust.  I am no fan of trading up in the draft, he better get healthy.
  • Questions about the pending NFL lockout?  Here are some answers.  I want to know why the two sides are pretending to fight.  Imagine splitting a cake for three people, only one of the people isn’t there.  NFL, NFLPA, and rookies who haven’t joined the NFLPA yet.  Hmmmm….
  • Another example of how there’s football season, and waiting until football season.
  • So much for a win streak after the storm.  When this is the state of your favorite team, you tend to forget about basketball season.  At least there is hope in football.



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